6:14 Real Estate Development Group



In Genesis 6:14 God commanded Noah, “Make thee an ark of gopher wood…”.  At 6:14 our approach to design and construction is almost a spiritual experience.  The 6:14 Development Group doesn’t simply build housing complexes, we designs boutique community installations that not only take into consideration the creature comforts of the people who live there. We also blend our design to enhance the topography of the land and harness the energy of the sun.  We create a perfect union of man and nature, providing a peaceful retreat from the stresses of modern society based on the concept of indoor-outdoor living. Our proudest example of this concept is our long sought after private rooftop terrace.


Our Chief Designer and Visionary Kristine Mills is the driving force behind the development and growth of "Mills Creek" with several projects coming down the pipeline to 6 states in the United State and several international locations which will be arriving in the next few years. She is also the sales director for "Mills Creek" handling all questions and concerns with the upcoming development.

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